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Knowledge of how to safeguard children and vulnerable adults is now an expectation across all professional establishments.

Ensure you are up to date with safeguarding compliance. 

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Safeguarding Awareness

This course provides the knowledge to identify a safeguarding concern, record a disclosure and report to the appropriate person.

A range of Safeguarding related topics are covered including:
• Safeguarding legislation and guidance
• Roles and responsibilities
• Abuse and neglect
• Identifying concerns and disclosure
• Making judgments
• Reporting safeguarding concerns

Course duration is approx 4 hours.
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Principles of Safeguarding

The course promotes awareness and sensitivity to safeguarding, enabling learners to identify the types and characteristics of abuse, record disclosure, and appropriately share information with the relevant people.

This course has been designed for all no matter what field that they are directly involved in, providing the tools and knowledge to make a difference to a vulnerable person’s life.

Course duration is approx 7 hours.
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10% of each course fee supports our volunteering within the community